will remember thee-always

by loise wanjohi

just when i raise my hopes to see
you disappeared like a dust
just when i looked forward to see
you've turned a thing on the past
my hopes are gone
my waits are done all hopes and faith is gone

why did u leave without goodbye
why aren't you here to see me cry
i never wished for you to fly
in the sense would have said goodbye
you've left us with tears and fears
thinking tears and bears would turn us to tears

it was hard for thee
its hard for me
but worst it is hard for them
your mom, your dad and she
we loved you we cherished you
we enjoyed being with you

with you around i had a friend
a very very great friend
it was never a trend
to see you bend
but you always was my friend

you gave us warmth which we carry forth
for you are a friend whose a million worth
your memory liveth
in our mid-eth
we remember thee
and always will

we here to say goodbye
we ready to let you fly
coz of love thats why we cry
and to God we say thanks
coz he gave us the chance
to know you that long
we love you Benny.

© 2010 loise wanjohi.

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