While You Sleep

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

You snuggle up and go to sleep.
And the moment that you do.
When safely into dreamland.
Your Spirit takes its leave of you.

And, once free to wander where it please.
Although still connected to.
It will leave you sleeping peacefully.
And wander off to pastures new.

And quite often joined by loved ones too.
On a visit from the other side.
Together, they wander where they please.
For those pastures are World Wide!

They simply have to think themselves,
to where they want to be.
Then-- faster than the eye can blink. Arrive!
For in reality.

The World really is our oyster!
But it's the Spirit side of us.
That has the power to wander forth.
Without hindrance or fuss.

And sometimes too. When leaving you.
It will cross "The Great Divide"
And visit in the SummerLand.
With your loved ones on the other side.

But on returning to your Human form.
And once awakened from your sleep.
The memory of that Wondrous World.
You are not allowed to keep.

For it's too beautiful a memory.
To carry back with you.
And you would not want to be here.
Once the SummerLand you view.

But your Human side is destined.
To remain here all its days.
It was created here upon this Earth.
And upon this Earth it stays!

And so-- It's just your Spirit side,
the SummerLand awaits.
And it's the Spirit You! The Real You!
That walks in through "The Golden Gates"

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