Where She Is Now

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

I can truly say-- I have made it through.
And have journeyed through my grief.
But it took time to reach-- where I am now.
For the journey was not brief.

And though gradually-- acceptance came.
There is still a part of me.
That is ever turned towards the light.
And wishing it could be,

In The Land of New Beginnings.
Where life begins again.
And where my loved one waits for me.
And where the Bonds we forged-- remain.

And though each day seems a lifetime.
I will wait here patiently.
Knowing that-- when my time comes.
We will share eternity.

Until then-- somehow I'll muddle through.
Although I really don't know how.
And my life will have no meaning-- till.
I am with my love-- where she is now.

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