Where Are You, My Love?

by David Ronald Bruce Pekrul
(Okotoks, Alberta, Canada)

Where are you, oh my love,
When I call from the darkness?
For I am lost and cannot find my way.

I have been pampered for so many years,
And your love and affection has always been with me,
Now you have been taken,
And I am lost.

I look for you in the sunset,
But see only rays of purple and red,
As my day turns into night.

I look for you in the mountain streams,
But the waters are in a hurry,
And your Spirit is pulled from me in the current.

I look for you in the meadows,
But flowers are only flowers.
They alone cannot hold the beauty that was yours.

I must look inwards, deep within my soul.
There I will see your footprints,
Smell the essence of your perfume,
And feel the radiance of your smile.

You will always be with me, for you are part of me.
Your love is eternal; it will never die.
When I speak your name,
You will be there and I will find comfort.

I will call to you from the darkness,
But it is dark no more,
For you are there.

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