when god gives you a call...

by the poet

the day i was told you'd past away,
i didn't think i'd be able to cope another day.
when we bought your flowers, life wasn't really the same,
i thought that maybe all of us would be going insane.
when we told the others, we clutched our hearts together,
we heard the words that hurt us all, Lilly wouldn't ever.
a few days later when we came together we laughed about old times, we knew how much you'd laugh about it,
i guess its why this rhymes.
soon enough you'll be okay and hoping we will too,
all this grief and this anger is coming rather soon.
i hope you have your pillows, and your bed is nice and soft,
we'll let you get some rest now, we know you need a lot.
one day when we're calm enough, maybe you could fall, and when its time for you to go back, god will give you a call... dedicated to my dearest cousin xxx love you always

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