What you don't know, Can hurt someone else though

by Steven May
(Key's, Oklahoma, U.S.A )

I googled how to plan a memorial service for my soul mate/common law wife of over 19 years, Stacey,about 2 months ago and this site appeared to be the most knowledgeable of the matter at hand, and after reading through the details of events i was easily aware of what i was going to do, i would start with a candle lighting ceremony after opening prayer of course, since Stacey's final wishes were to be cremated and ases buried with her adopted grandmother there was no funeral or service for her, and i was not able to afford a special gathering in her honor, i am 100% disability pension and just revieve from my v.a. pention, enough to cover the cost of living, i was the only person fuding the ceremony and had do it at home , so i decided to create a memorial service and tribute and then record it and create a cd. I started with an opening prayer, and announced that with the lighting of the first of 49 candles, her age at death the sevice would begin, recording with my smart phone the first candle being lit by me, while the only one who could help me with the different events planned, one of her girlfriends started lighting the rest of the candles at 1:08 pm july 5th 2019, exacly 1 yr. After she died, at 4 pm the 14 love messages from family and close friends notes tied to a helium balloon and released to her was planed, stacey's 2 years younger sister is as big of lover of nature as she and me are had found a post on Facebook page around 2pm on the 5th with many pictures and facts on the death to creatures of the wild and damage to our eco system itself, i was appalled by what i saw and read, she said she was sorry for sending the post to me and ruining my memorial service cause i told her that i was not going to do it, even though it cost me a little more than the $32 i couldn't afford to spend. And that i couldn't get my $ back because i had opened it on the 4th and released a balloon with r.i.p. & her name in her honor, not willing to just forget about the notes that i recieved from my offer to participate in the service i started to come up with the way to do so, i had a fireworks tribute and ending of the memorial service planned for the lighting of 19 (# of years together) 1" morter rockets that i taped the folded paper message to the top of the morter, i was most drawn and excited about the realease of the helium balloons suggestion/idea, but when i saw what i saw i was appalled by the results of their falling back to earth, i was so grateful to god that her sister found and shared with me the proof and truth befor i was going to release them, i don't think that you all at this site that have put together this what i still consider to be a wonderful thing/priceless loving guide knowing what was going on unknown and unaware of what the balloons were doing and hope that you take the time to investigate it yourself and decide if you want to be connecting with the results of the release of balloons, i am hoping you don't decide to exclude it from your what i think is the # 1 site of all of the sites available for i searched through atleast 90 % of them and hands down felt that you were the only one that i felt was the way i could do a service that god and proper edicate would recognize as the final closure and respect for my love For my Dearly beloved Stacey.god bless you for your heartfelt guidance and creation of this sight, thank you, Mr Steven May. Key's, Oklahoma, u.s.a.

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by: Anonymous

Dearest, do not grieve now I am gone.
And do not wish me back again.
I am at peace within the light.
No longer sick, and free from pain.

I have made my journey home.
Now I am safe, and in God's keep.
I will be waiting in the Summer Land.
Be patient dear, and do not weep.

I am just a whispered word away.
More yet, a thought will do.
No matter be it night or day.
I will be there with you.

Speak to me, and I will hear.
No words of yours will fall.
Be they laced with joy or tears.
Upon deaf ears. I hear them all.

Dream of me, and when you wake.
Still feel my kisses on your face.
And wonder< Did I really dream?
Or lay within my loves embrace?

Then, should you in my pillow find.
An indent that my head left deep.
Can there then be any doubt?
I come to hold you in your sleep.

At times when I am there with you.
And gently touch your hair.
You turn and softly speak my name.
For you know that I am there.

My dearest, we are still as one.
And the love we built our lives upon.
Still stands the test of time and pain!
Unbroken bond! Though I am gone.

I pray this helps.

Speak to me

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