What To Wear To A Funeral

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What to Wear to a Funeral

While the classic black color scheme for funeral attire will never go away, there are a variety of different ways you can dress for a funeral. Depending on what type of service you’re attending, you can pair different colors and styles for a fashionable yet classic look. Here are some different funeral outfit ideas to try out.

 Funeral Type

Before looking into different outfit options, you need to determine what type of funeral it is. A more classic funeral will necessitate a more formal dress code, while Celebration of Life services are typically a little more casual.

 Spend a few minutes reviewing whatever you can for the funeral, whether it be an invitation or social media post. Look for dress code mentions and, where you can’t find any, try to find clues as to what type of event it will be.

 In the end, the safe bet is always to error on the side of classy and overdressed. Knowing what type of funeral it is will help you prepare your outfit choice.


Outfit Ideas

 Mix and Match

You can add a little fashion to your outfit by mix and matching from different style classes. For example, pair a classy dress with a pair of leggings that are designed for work. Or, layer a modest bralette under a smart sportcoat.

 Mixing and matching allows you to pull from a piece that is fashionable, while staying respecting the dress code of a funeral. The goal is to understate the fashion forward piece by pairing it with a more traditional piece of décor.

 Focus on Solids

You don’t have to wear all black to a wedding, but stick to solid colors. Solids are less flashy and don’t stick out, allowing you to look your best while not risking offense to anyone.

 Solid colors and patterns also avoid the flashy, bright clothing that can be an eyesore at a funeral. Save the Hawaiian print shirts or pink checkered pants for another occasion.

 Try Earth Tones

If you’re looking to venture out from the standard black color tone, try looking at earth tones. Dark browns, greens, and even grays can be great choices for funeral outfits.

 Earth tones can be tough to pair together, so try to find complimentary color choices. Often, an earth tone paired with a black apparel piece is a great way to go.

 You can always wear white, as long as it is an under layer to darker tones.

 No Shorts or Short Skirts

It might seem obvious, but make sure to keep your outfit classy and semi-formal, at the very least. Coming up with fun, creative ideas for funeral outfits should never come at the expensive of dressing nice.

Make it a rule to never wear shorts or short skirts to a funeral. Men should be in pants at all times, and if women choose to wear a dress or skirt, make sure it ends below the knees.

Obviously the exception to this would be when a Celebration of Life specifically calls for a casual dress code. Unless specified though, keep your outfit fitting to the occasion.

 Try To Avoid Denim

Denim works in a whole host of different situations, but generally you’ll want to skip denim at a funeral. Unfortunately, jeans and jean jackets usually don’t convey enough of a classy look to pass at a funeral.

 Stay Appropriate

Above all else, no matter what outfit you decide to put together, keep your dress choice appropriate. There is a time and place for lower cut shirts or fun skirts, but a funeral isn’t it.

There are still plenty of ways to dress in a fun and attractive way while still keeping it appropriate. Make sure to keep a majority of your skin covered, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t accessorize to help add some flair.

By Allena Rissa of thebetterfit.com

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