by John Gilbert
(Avondale, Az- (USA))

When the sun shines and the sky clears, when strangers gather with my family near, I will be waiting...waiting.
Today is a special day, today time is not of essence, I will wait for EVERYONE.
Today is not a day of grieving but one of waiting.
As I open my eyes everyone greets me, as they cry, I cry, but I must be strong and wait.
I am waiting...waiting.
As I am waiting I will count their tears, As I wait I will collect kisses.
I will ask God for his patience for I do not want to leave my life.
My family and friends are special to me!
As you remember my thoughts I will also remember yours, as you pray I will pray with you.
I will open my eyes to embrace you; from time to time I will sleep but only to collect my strength.
I am waiting, waiting.
Time is not important; today time has stood still.
What is important is the life and people that I leave behind.
What is important is that I wait for everyone.
I am waiting...waiting.
I am asked not to Go as I rest in my bed, some greet me with love as I am kissed on the head, but
God saw that I was tired, when a cure was not to be.
So he wrapped his arms around me and whispered, “come to me.”
Do not think of me as gone, do not cry,
Do not fall to your knees because I died; death is not too high of a price to pay for having lived, loved and being remembered……….
Instead understand that my time has come and I am no longer waiting.

Rest in peace! -Claudia Rodriquez.

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