Trust Me

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England.)

You have been shedding tears again.
I can tell that by your eyes.
So I am asking you to trust me.
And I promise I will tell no lies.

Losing someone that you love
to what you believe, is death.
Or to absolute eternal loss.
Any wonder then, you feel bereft?

And yet the loved one you are weeping for,
comes right there close to you.
And because your heart is breaking.
Then they are brokenhearted too.

And on returning to the Summer Land.
Which of course, they have to do.
Like you, they are inconsolable.
For like yours, their love is just as true.

Cry! And they cry with you!
I promised you I would not lie.
The journey home, your loved one made.
Is called transition! But they did not die!

Another loved one from the other side,
merely came to take them through.
Now they are living in a Wondrous World.
Which I promise you, awaits us too!

Of course we miss them when they leave.
But please don't let that break your heart.
They are only just a thought away.
And we spent so little time apart.

I cannot bring you photographs,
or other means as proof.
But I ask again, please trust me!
Before God! This is the truth!

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