An Eulogy for Tough Times or
A Life Gone Wrong

It can be a difficult task to write an eulogy for someone whose life has experienced tough times, not gone as hoped, or has committed suicide.

The elephant in the room is often the troubled life of the deceased.  It is important to acknowledge the difficult times the deceased had.  

What could have led to this life gone wrong? And the impact on the family.

Pretending nothing tragic happened in this person's life, makes the grieving process much harder. 

We  want to remember  the good times and those who loved them.   It is important to acknowledge the importance of a life lived and the difference they made every day they were in this world.  Acknowledge the pain.

How much they will be missed.

People want to be able to talk about their loved one, no matter what the circumstance.

For example:

"We remember our beloved as a broken clay pot. She was one of those clay pots and she was broken. While her clay pot was broken by her weaknesses, something was shining through. It was treasure. Please focus on the good memories, when (name) was in a better place. She was a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, who was taken from this world. I remember when... (things you use to do together, or a story about when the deceased was a child.)

Thank you for coming here to respect my (mom, daughter, sister,)"

Suitable songs;  True Colors, by Cindi Lauper or Angel by Sarah McLachlan or The Rose by Bette Midler

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