"THIS IS LIFE"...!!!

(Pune, Maharashtra,India)

“ THIS IS LIFE ”…!!!

I love to collect flowers along the road,
But…after a while, they whither away,
Lo! I look back and in front of me,
But…there’s nobody to walk with me.
Lo!I went to the river bank,
And sitting on a big rock,
I made a paper boat,
Of all my desires, wishes and dreams,
I love this boat a lot,
It was priceless for me,
I gently placed it on the water,
And the river quickly took it away,
I watched, it sailed with excitement and joy,
As though the waves made its way,
But then before it came a rock,
And my boat crashed down and flowed away,
I stood there in armoury of tears…speechless,
There was nothing that I could do,
I didn’t have the courage to make another boat,
For I’ve seen how the first drowned before my eyes,
I could see the beautiful vast open sky,
But….I was caged,
I could not fly…
I don’t know how to swim,
If I fall into the river,
I’ll drown and die…!!!

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