Then A Nightingale Began To Sing

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

Sleep once more eluded me.
My thoughts again with you.
I knew of course there was no death.
And you'd merely made your journey through.

I thought I had prepared myself,
when they told me time was short
And though I know our parting will be brief.
Still your going left me so distraught.

And it didn't stop me missing you.
Or stop me shedding tears.
It just broke my heart when you moved on.
We'd been side by side for years.

Time and time I tell myself,
you are just a thought away.
And although I cannot see you.
You still share my life each day.

And so once more, I faced the pain
another sleepless night would bring.
Then-- in the silence of that midnight hour.
A nightingale began to sing.

The whistling of that little bird,
on a rooftop in the pale moonlight.
Sent a lilting-- haunting melody,
echoing out into the night.

And as I listened to each changing note,
that rose and fell-- I knew.
That bird was singing just for me,
a love song sent by you.

And then I felt your presence.
A gentle touch upon my face.
And as that song flowed over me,
I swear I lay in your embrace!

Then the singing of that little bird,
ceased-- as though on cue.
Then with one last chirp-- it flew away.
And with it went my sorrow too.

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