The Road Of Life

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Come with me. And let me be
your guide. And let us take.
A trip along The Road of Life.
That we Spirits choose to make

Our start point is The Summer Land.
When we choose again, by birth.
To return for yet, another life.
On the Plane we call, The Earth.

And we are shown before we make each trip.
All we will suffer, lose or gain.
And we know too, when this life is through.
We will return from whence we came.

And so. We come to live again.
A Spirit in a Human frame.
And learn what we have come to learn.
Then take that knowledge home again.

And though, for some of us, our lives will be.
Privileged filled. And trouble free.
Some will find no peace of mind.
And will live lives of a different kind.

Why then, should such contrast be?
Why this gap, twix thee and me?
Why should some be blessed with gain?
Whist others suffer want and pain!

That question can be laid to rest.
For we knew before we made this quest.
That no matter if we rule, or serve.
Each life is just a learning curve!

And the man who stands above us now.
(While, so to speak) We tow the plough.
He will no doubt, in another life.
Be born to hardship, want and strife.

And every soul will come to learn.
That with each life, we take our turn.
Walking paths that others tread.
Some paved with gold! Some paved with lead!

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