by R J Scarr
(East Sussex, Brighton, England )

So many lies so oft are told.
Intent on making one believe.
Some big, some white and only small.
But all intended to deceive.

Some lies can tear our lives apart.
Some told to save us from a fall.
While some are told with ill intent.
Others mean no harm at all.

One such, we hear from naive lips.
Though foolish, yet no greater lie!
That from the moment we are born,
then each of us begin to die.

But naught is further from the truth.
And only foolish folk would teach.
From life we pass into decease.
For God put death beyond our reach.

Mere mortals being what we are.
With things we can, and cannot do.
We cannot move into demise.
Not even if we wanted to!

And so we move from life, to life.
To meet with those who went before.
For there in what we call "The Spirit World."
Life goes on for ever more!

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