by R J Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

I can go where my fancy takes me.
For like the breeze, my spirit is free.
Though it, and my body are one when awake.
In sleep, it's as free as can be.

And then, no bonds can enslave me.
Nor problems distress or impede.
All negative thoughts are just vanquished.
And my spirit can go where it please.

To wander midst beautiful flowers.
In those heavenly gardens above.
Or simply visit for hours and hours.
There in heaven with those whom I love.

So I will, just as long as I'm able.
Wish others good health, love and peace.
And be ready to help where I'm needed.
Then this freedom of mind will not cease.

Each and every soul on this earth plain.
Is blessed with free spirit like mine.
Till we pass through God's loving Portals.
As each of us must, in good time.

And though not asking for Angelic virtue.
He expects all his children to know.
On the earth, whatever the harvest.
There in heaven, we reap what we sow.

But if we try to live by his Commandments.
Then we'll fly like a bird on the wing.
To the love and the light that awaits us.
No fear! No death! No sting!

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