the day you went away

by Candy Rivers
(droitwich spa)

My mom passed away in my arms of cancer I was only 20 this poem is for you mom miss you more than anything.

The day you went away
The day you went away part of me died with you when god took you home.
It tore me apart to watch you pass knowing I couldnt help or take the pain away. The day you went away
People tell me your proud of me but I dont know. How am I meant to live knowing your gone. I watched you suffer and pass away in my arms god called your home and said you place is ready in the sky above. I am glad I was there to kiss you a final time I love you still. The day you went away you took me with you. Fly high my guardian angel. I didnt know that day would be the last time I kissed and hold your hand. I said I love you and I hope I make you proud the dY you went away.

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