The Clock has stopped-Never Forgotten

by Stephen Campbell
(by Forfar, Scotland)

The Clock has stopped
The silence is deafening,
I take deep breaths
But my breathing is shallow
I see you but I am blinded
I smell you but I cannot touch you
I want you with me, but you are not there
When do I waken from this nightmare?

The TV’s on and nothing has changed
Another date another day
The birds are chirping in the morning dew
The sun comes up and I'm thinking of you
The days are long and hard to bear
Battling through them seems so unfair

Visitors come and visitors go
They burst my bubble like you'll never know
The postman, the milkman, the neighbour, the dog
The world keeps moving like a rotating cog

As the day draws in and the sun goes down
You’ve never left me, but you're not around
The cards, the letters. The tributes are vast
Your smile, your everything, you're in my last

I close my eyes as I wander off
I fall asleep as the day has past
I find the strength as you know I would
Though it’s ever so hard, never believing I could

As I look around with lost blank stare
People moving, know I am there
I cannot face this constant grind
Though life goes on and now I find

No empathy can help me; no compassion can ease my pain
So dealing with my feelings seems to be in vain
In people with whom I share my thoughts, I am touched that they are there
Each day will bring an inner strength, and better I will fair.

You are in my thoughts, a constant tick
The clock has stopped but you your the tock
As time picks up and days move on
I will realise my love's still strong
You've gone for now but not forever
Always remembered, forgotten, Never.

Beautiful, Stephen.


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Nov 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

Lovely read

Oct 20, 2014
my wonderful husband
by: Caroline hood

Thank you for such a lovely poem it describes my life after the devastating death of my wonderful husband thank you again for such comforting words

Jul 04, 2013
Thank You
by: Ilona & Family

Thank you for your tranparency & bringing answers to many of our questions And sharing this lovely comforting poem.

Apr 27, 2012
Touching for everyone feeling loss
by: Judith

I cried when I read this., so true and beautifully put into words., thank you Stephen for this gift., made me feel that I was normal for feeling this way . Very touching.

Aug 31, 2010
by: Enobong

it is awesome and beautiful.

Aug 23, 2010
Thank you
by: Lisa

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words

Jul 02, 2010
Awesome words and heartfelt.
by: Anonymous

Awesome words and heartfelt. Covers every feeling though every day.

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