Thats Not Me

by Little-Known Nothing

That's not me

That's not me in that box
I'll not be shrouded
Or cushioned on silk
Do not dress me in cotton
Perfect me for heaven
Nothing can contain me
As it's just a shell
All muscle and sinew
Fibre and hair
Nothing I need now
As I am
As air

My loves
That's not I
Looking like china with alabaster skin
Close your eyes, listen
Do you not see?
Slight change in the atmosphere
As you stand close to me
Please say you feel the warmth on your chest
As I snuggle into you
I breathe in your neck
If your fingers tingle
I'm holding your hand
I promise I’ll do this as long as I can
The smell of my perfume
Creak on our stairs
That's me my love
I'll stay with your here

Dear one's that's not I
In a casket of oak
I’m be part of the wind
Or anything I like
I can be for you
The warmth of the sun
Shimmer of leaves as dusk moves on
I'll be your comfort
As you cry and can't breathe
I'll hold you up if you stumble and scream
I'll be for you
Whatever brings ease

I'm memories of autumn, summer or spring
Tangled Christmas lights and apple pudding
Warm hot baths
Hot bottles in winter
For you
I'm anything
That can make this easier

That’s not I
In that box
Sealed within oak
Cushioned on silk
Hands praying on chest

I’m part of everything
And every things me.
I'll stay with you all
For as long as you need

By Little-Known Nothing

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