Thank You

Dear Judith and Susan

My Father n’ Law’s celebration of life was so much better than we had anticipated and the poem was so perfect! I’m so glad I found you online to help me create such a wonderful thing for Paul. It meant a lot to me and my family and others in attendance.
I was able to say most of it without crying but I did need to pause at times to stop the tears. There were some good chuckles too which made reading it aloud easier.

We received so many compliments on how the entire service went that day. Some people said it was the “best” funeral they had ever been to because it wasn’t as sad because of all the things we did to celebrate Paul.
People were coming up to me and saying thank you because the POEM touched their hearts and those that new Paul well laughed at some of the things I mentioned.
His best friend Tom, with tears in his eyes, told me thank you for standing up there and told me he could have never done that.
We ended the church service with 20 classic cars bringing Paul and his favorite El Camino home to his house. It was a long line of cars for 10 miles and it was AWESOME!

After the long day was over, my husband thanked me for helping him plan the service and said watching me read the poem was his favorite part of the day. That meant a lot to him and to me, so again I say thank you!!!
You are both really amazing at what you do. Very talented! I appreciate all your efforts working with me to create something so unique and special for me to give to Paul that day and to keep for a lifetime.

I cannot thank you enough and I will definitely look to you again when I need help or refer others to you when they need the same help… but I hope that’s not for a long while unless I need a birthday poem ☺

Kind Regards,

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