Teach Me Lord

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England. )

Lord- You have led me to the fountain.
And you have let me drink my fill.
You have quenched my thirst, and filled my soul.
Now teach me how to do thy will.

Make me worthy of salvation.
Through the blood of Christ, thy son.
Who gave his life to cleanse my sins.
Now help me see thy will be done.

Keep me drinking from the fountain.
And please don't let the flow run dry.
Keep me walking with the righteous.
And let temptations pass me by.

Let me perceive when others need.
Not crossing by with hastened stride.
But do, as thou would have me do.
Thus placing mine own needs, aside.

Teach me Lord, how to forgive,
when others are untrue to me.
And how to turn the other cheek.
And in so doing, keep good faith with thee.

And when at times, put to the test.
Please let my faith hold firm
Knowing that, whilst on this Earth.
There are lessons I must learn.

Let me ever hold thy trust.
And from all sins, be free.
And then, at my transition time.
I will be fit, to bide with thee.

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