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What you don't know, Can hurt someone else though  
I googled how to plan a memorial service for my soul mate/common law wife of over 19 years, Stacey,about 2 months ago and this site appeared to be the …

Hiring a Photographer 
When a friend's dad died recently, she arranged for a funeral photographer to come to the service. She and her mom knew the day would pass in a blur and …

Thank You 
Dear Judith and Susan My Father n’ Law’s celebration of life was so much better than we had anticipated and the poem was so perfect! I’m so glad I found …

Gift to mourners to remember my granddad 
My granddad was a fun loving man and always the focus of any party. To reflect his personality and to provide a gift for the mourners attending the …

God saw you getting tired 
A letter to my father. He died one day short of 3 months from pancreatic mother told us he slept for a long time one day,when he woke up he said …

Thank You for the Funeral Poem 
You work miracles with words. Thank you so much. It's really means so much to have a poem that is original and thoughtful. I'm blessed to have came across …

Insider Secrets The Funeral Home Doesn't Want You To Know 
Dear Susan; I am a Pastor in a local church. In the past I worked for a few years in a funeral business. does not make me an expert but …

Memorial Service Ideas 
My mother was an avid gardener. Her beds always bloomed profusely. I ordered small blue vellum envelopes (2x3) and filled them with wild flower seeds and …

My Dad's funeral 
At my dad's funeral we set up on a table his favorite tie, his favorite hat, a couple of his trophies, along with a number of photos taken throughout his …

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