See me As I Used To Be

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

My love, forget about the bad times.
And try in your mind's eye.
To see me as I used to be.
As I was in days gone by.

And every time you think of me.
Do so with a smile.
And remind yourself our parting,
is only for a while.

Dearest, nothing really changes.
Our love is as it's always been.
And the bond we forged remains the same.
Even though I've left the scene.

And when I'm not there with you.
I'll be just a blink away.
So speak to me with voice or thought.
And I'll hear every thing you say.

No need for tears or sorrow.
For we are just a thought apart.
And when we are not together.
We are in each others hearts.

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