Remembering The Beach Lover

For some, there is no better place to be than the beach. There is the sun, the sand, the ocean – and all together they create their very own personal paradise.

Perhaps they loved to comb the beach for treasures or they loved to collect sea shells. If your loved one enjoyed being on the beach more than any other place then perhaps a beach-themed celebration of life would be an excellent way to honor them, remember them, and the things that they enjoyed most in life.


Basing the theme of the celebration on something your loved one enjoyed personalizes the event and honors them and their loved ones.

To begin the planning of a beach themed celebration of life, consider what it was your loved one adored so much about the beach; the sights, sounds, feel of the sand, smell of the salty air, or the warm sun on their skin. With these thoughts in mind, you can now begin to design a theme dedicated to your loved one’s pleasures in life.

Think about the items that they have, collections they have put together, trips that they took. All of these will help you to generate ideas for displays and other decorations to enhance the theme and make it that much more personal.


The beach theme is very versatile. You can make it bright and colorful or more natural tones. As you can see in the picture provided – the sky is really the limit. Think about what your loved one would like best and go from there.

You can use accents like colorful summer dinnerware. Seashells, sand, rocks, sea glass and colored pebbles can be used on the tables to add to the theme. Gather any photographs of the beach or ocean that your loved one favored, and display them with other beach trinkets (shells, driftwood, etc). Plastic figurines of pelicans, seagulls, fish, dolphins, or any other beach creature will bring the beach theme to life. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite beach towel, hat, or swimsuit that can be displayed.

There are several online stores that offer some wonderful options for your plates, napkins, and other decorations. For example, offers a wide array of products that would be perfect for a beach themed celebration of life. In the collage above you can note the different varieties of patterns that they have available as well as the beautiful silver shells that would be great for a table display of photos. With very little time you can have some beautiful decorations that will create a stunning setting to have your loved ones celebration of life.

Flower Arrangements

Small centerpieces on each table can consist of little flowers in sea shells with a few twigs resembling driftwood. A larger centerpiece can be made out of a box type container with sand, seashells, and various beach flora and fauna. Plastic buckets can be used as flower pots with little shovels strategically placed inside.

If you take a look at the featured flower arrangement – it is very easy to assemble by combining bunches of dried greenery, flowers, etc. – which are all readily available at your local craft store – and then instead of using a bow or ribbon they have used seashells in the center to pull together the theme. This can simply be done by hot-gluing skewers to the back of the seashells – again, readily available at your local craft store – and then you just arrange them according to your preference. Adding a bit of raffia could also be a nice touch. The secret to completing this type of arrangement is using the dry floral foam so that the arrangement will hold its shape will. Really, this arrangement is about as no-fuss as it gets as it is put together in groups.

Music Selection

The choice of music is a very important part of celebrating your loved one’s life. Most people associate music and sounds with people and events in their lives, so choose the music that reflects your loved one the most. A soundtrack of ocean sounds can be a nice touch, but this should be intermixed with the songs and music that your loved one enjoyed the most. The sounds of the ocean are soothing and relaxing, but may result in the mellowing of the guests and put a damper on the celebration of your loved one’s life. Don’t be afraid to use upbeat music with a beach feel – like the Beach Boys! Really, whatever your loved one enjoyed will the perfect addition for the celebration of life.

The Menu

Depending on where you host this celebration, you could do a BBQ, or you could use traditional summer time foods such as fruits, cheeses, fondues, chicken salads, dips, and fruity iced drinks with fancy straws. Don’t forget the fruit-laden desserts. Large seashells can be used as candy or mint dishes.

You could do some kabobs if you are doing a full meal or even fruit kabobs if you are just doing finger foods. If your loved one was a seafood lover that would make a great addition to the menu. If you need to feed a lot of people you can do things like halibut bites wrapped in bacon to ensure that everyone gets a taste.

There are many things that you can do to keep the theme while still remembering what the celebration is all about. You are celebrating the life of someone that was loved dearly and cherished by many. If their passion was the beach then there is no better way to honor them then with their most loved memories and some of the things that they loved the most.

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