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Oh My Papa 
I am looking for a copy of the song Oh My Papa, either sung by Mario Lanza, Nat King Cole or Neil Diamond. Can anyone help please? Is this what …

Evening Prayer 
There are lots of songs with this title. The lyrics are when I rest my weary head, angels gather 'round my bed, keeping me til break of day, guiding me …

Do you know this song? Answer 
I think you might be referring to "A parable of Immortality" by Henry Van Dyke. I have only heard it read and it is beautiful.

Searching for a song title 
Only caught a part of a song being sung at a funeral service. "Because I knew you." I think you are looking for the song by Kristin Chenoweth …

Do You Know This Song? 
Thank you so much for your help at a difficult time. I'm looking for a song that is about a ship/boat drifting over the horizon off to sea and is gone …

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