Possibly by Simon Closs

by Simon Closs 1949 - 2010

Don’t worry about all the stuff you find
When I’m gone and left behind.

Don’t worry about the pieces and bits
The little hints and traces, it’s

Not important, probably never was,
The detritus of another life, because

What matters now is what you do
Your how or whether and what is you.

We evade, escape, and always deny,
What is for us to decide and bravely try.

Don’t hang on to yesterday’s fears.
Grab today and escape regret’s tears

Be the one you see in unfiltered light.
The real, the possible, the total might.
The power to fly and transcend.

So leave the trivia to the end.
I’ve loved you greatly and always will
Until, or unless, I am, finally, still.

Powerful, powerful words. Thank you for sharing.

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Jul 07, 2020
A Great Sadness To Me
by: Robin Monk

I was a contemporary of Simon's at Wimbledon College. He was a good comrade in arms. It is sad that we lost touch. We came from backgrounds at different ends of the scale but he accepted me gladly as a comrade at school. He was, I always considered upper middle class, as he lived in a very posh area in relation to the area I resided but he and his parents always welcomed me with open arms into their house.

I am so very sad that I did not manage to reacquaint myself with Simon later on down the rocky passage of life. I can relate to him about being a hoarder and find his poem to his children very touching and so very well composed.

So along dear friend from my past. Sleep well in peace and I know that you are cradled in the arms of the Great One in the Sky and Everywhere. He saw you as a loving compassionate human. I know you loved your family well and know that they loved you.

I can be contacted through the 5pm choir at the Sacred Heart Church on Edge Hill Wimbledon

Sep 09, 2014
Fantastic words
by: Kevin

Wow Simon
Really did some thinking and left some great advice behind.
Very Inspirational

Sep 22, 2011
Me too
by: Anonymous

Yes, I need to put a poem together of this sort for my children when I'm gone because I am a hoarder and find it impossible to throw things away. I hope I will be able to guide them somehow into knowing although this hoard of possessions that mean such a lot to me will be of no meaning once I am gone and they can feel free to throw them all out. Thanks for the inspiration in your lovely words.

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