by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

Please-- Do not tell me you cannot help.
When all that is asked is a Healing Thought.
Just a heart felt wish for those in need.
Nothing sold! And nothing bought!

And do not say you understand their pain.
Unless you too, have known the same.
Far better you gently squeeze their hand.
A gesture they can understand.

And please-- do not speak to me of life.
And do not tender me advice.
What is ordained, we come to learn.
Then carry home, when we return,

And please-- do not speak to me of grief.
Although I truly feel for you.
I have lived what you are going through.
For I have known grief too.

But it takes time to grasp, when loved ones leave.
That they truly did not die.
For we have always lived. And we always will!
We are immortal, you and I.

And please-- do not speak of God.
Or tell me what he means to you.
Far better he be reflected in your eyes.
And in everything you say, and do.

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