Please Don't Drink And Drive

by Joye Atkinson
(Gallatin TN USA)

The day before Mother's Day in 1983
My daddy, my mama my sister and me
Were on our way into town to buy a gift for mom
Little did we know this day the Lord for us would come
One minute I was in the car as happy as could be
Then I woke up soon after that with Jesus holding me
My mama was the only one the Lord allowed to live
He didn't take her home because she had so much to give
It was a senseless accident we didn't have to die
The family we left behind just wanted to know why
I can't begin to tell you what it's like up here
Since we came we have not seen one person shed a tear
The Lord has given each of us a special job to do
Daddy, me and Kristen are watching over you
This humble plea come from my heart
Please don't drink and drive
If that man had used good judgement we would be alive
But Jesus said we must forgive and do not hold a grudge
Remember at the end of time God alone will judge
So please be comforted by this; we are all ok
We're waiting here to welcome you on that reunion day!

In Loving Memory of Bill, Karen and Kristen McKellar and in Honor of Joan McKellar Caraway

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