Pet Portraits - Original Artwork

Pets are different than we are.  They need, want, and deserve special attention.  After they are gone, the grief is real.

Our customers of Pet Portraits tell us our artwork brings great comfort and joy to them, after their loving pet has left this world.

There is a unique devotion between humans and pets.  Our pets are able to charm our hearts with their unquestioned love and acceptance to us.

Would you like to ensure you always remember them, as well as help to bring you comfort during your grief and pain of loss, Radical Rhymes can create a unique portrait of your pet.

Send us a photo of your beloved pet,  tell us their  favorite characteristic.  Were they handsome, pretty, funny, warm, soft, friendly or clever?

Select the medium; acrylic as in the top artwork or marker pen, as in the bottom two pieces.  

We take your photo andSend a photo of your pet
and we turn it into this.

Above artwork on the right,  done in Acrylic.

Created in Marker Pen
Created in Marker Pen

The eyes are windows to a dog's soul.

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