Our story. Funeral Poem For Mother

by Matt sinden
(Brasted,Kent,England )

From the second I opened my eye to see,
Your adoring face looking back at me,
I new for ever there was going to be,
An angel looking out for me.

And as I grow from babe to boy,
The love you showed filled me with joy,
Each story read,
Each cuddle given,
A mothers love,
with no condition.

In teenage years you watch me falter,
And shed a tear,
For one who ought to,
No better from the thing you taught,
But even then showed only love.

You've watched me grow from teen to man,
And take a wife to hold the hand,
You once held to keep me safe,
The one I held the night you left.

In peace sleep, I watch over you,
As you once did when I was small,
And tell you tales of how we're meet,
When at last my time to sleep.

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