No Debt To Pay

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

I lie at rest-- among the best.
And so-- you'll understand my pride.
While fighting for a justly cause.
Among the best-- I died!

I gave my all without restraint.
And now-- with duty done.
I lie at peace without complaint.
And apologise to none!

For you-- I gave all my tomorrows.
I gave my life in freedom's name.
Though time will heal-- and dim all sorrow.
Spare me a thought now and again.

That's all I ask. No debt to pay.
No bargain ever made.
Though liberty does not come cheap.
The price was freely paid.

So take with love the gift I leave.
And never let it go.
I leave Peace and Freedom in your keeping.
It is the greatest gift I can bestow!

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