by James Martin
(Cambridgeshire, UK)

When the time comes for my soul
To leave my body, when I'm old
I hope it will be free to fly
Over Earth, Sea and Sky

Like a bird upon the wing
My Soul would dive, swoop and sing
For the first time it would see
The Earth in it's entirety

Visiting every place of beauty
Seeing Mountains; Rivers, Seas and Plains
Passing through all kinds of weather
Hurricanes; Storms and gentle Rain

To witness in the far flung places
Children born of different Races
What a privilege this would be
If my Soul could only see

My Soul would have no prejudice
Would not judge Good or Bad
Good makes people happy
Bad makes people sad

After seeing all the Wonders
That this World has to show
My Soul would fly to Heaven
Where God waits, this I know

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