by Richard John Scarr

In my prayer for you, I asked for things
you would not ask yourself.
I asked the Lord to bless you.
And grant you long life and good health.

I asked him too, to guide your hand
in everything you do.
And I prayed that you would know the love,
of friends both good, and true.

I asked he give you peace of mind,
and keep away the tears.
And let contentment travel with you,
as you journey through the years.

I asked too, for fulfilment.
For joy in all you do.
And if in doubt which road to take.
I asked the Lord to lead you through.
And if through age and memory lapse
you should forget him too.
I asked that, in his goodness.
He will remember you.
And although my plea was not for gold,
when sending forth my prayer.
If the good Lord grants you all I ask.
You will be rich beyond compare!

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