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Orval was the Coolest!
by: Sheila (Johnson) Miller

I grew up a dragstrip brat - my dad managed tracks in Puyallup and kent WA. We lived in the pits behind the tower. To me Orval was cooler than Mickey Mouse, Big Bird and Evel K!!! There was nothing more exciting than when dad would say "Orval is coming tonite" One of my most prized racing collectables is an original event poster - I payed a guy $500.00 for it! (If that tells how bad I wanted it!) I wish my grandkids would have had the chance to see him.... Thanks for the opportunity tell you how much he meant to me (and still does).

I should have given you more to work with
by: Richard

When the curtain falls
It seems never ending
With the memories one has to hall
Some sweet, some forgotten and some remembered
He wasn't a burden and showed his love to all
He shared memories and we laughed
Sometimes we laughed so hard
both of us would start coughing
until we had no breath at all
he always had a spark
A love for life and women, a lady's man he was
As the gals came to visit every week
To share in conversation, drink coffee and
eat his special treats.
He holds more than one world record that at some point may be published. The worlds greatest father or I just called him Dad

Your Dad
by: Susan

"We get no choice.
If we love, we grieve."
-Thomas Lynch

What a wonderful man your father was.

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