Mother dear

by Matthew Fall
(Chelmsford, UK)

My dear mother, Pauline Fall

My dear mother, Pauline Fall

Mother dear, Father Time has ticked or flowed, and you got older and older,
He’s caught up with you now, and alas for us, he’s tapped you on the shoulder,
and said “It is time, my child”. You smiled, and closed your eyes.
Remembering times long ago, but forgetting today’s sunrise.
You’ve had a good life, my love. You were the best of mothers.
You lived it with love, and honesty, and especially for others.
You laid on a good feast my dear. The best. There was not a better host than you.
You were always for the others, for your family, friends and even strangers too.
You enjoyed your life. You lived it to the full. Without fear.
But if you remember only one thing, remember that you were loved, mother dear.
Dear mother, when he tapped you on the shoulder, did you remember all the places you had been?
Did you see all of the smiles on the faces, of those, that you had seen?
Did you see your children, and grandchildren, and the games that you had played?
Did you remember us, mother dear, or did that memory fade?
Mother dear, when you were called, it was the right time to go.
Though you said you were not ready, your body was telling you so.
Can you now run and jump and play, in the gardens of eternity?
With old friends to welcome you, and has your memory returned to what it used to be?
So that you will know, that the life you lived, was the best it could be, by far,
and when we make a wish, my dear, when we wish upon a star,
it will be with hope and, perhaps a little tear,
that if you remember just one thing, it is that you are still loved, mother dear.

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Jan 05, 2021
Till You Meet Again
by: Richard John Scarr

A beautiful epitaph. She will be vey proud of that.

Jan 04, 2021

by: Susan


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