Love Me Enough to Let Go

by Katherine McElhinny
(Melbourne Fl)

Love Me Enough to Let Me Go

Here's a poem I wrote for my best friend, Mary. Her little boy died in November after a lifetime of illness.

Your hearts are breaking-I know, I can tell.
Because you're my parents and I know you so well
As hard as this is, there's something I need to say
I don't want to linger, don't beg me to stay
Keeping me here only gets in my way
Prevents me from being where I want to be
Out of this body and finally pain free
Living with God is my ultimate goal
By taking me home He is making me whole
The only thing holding me back, Mom and Dad,
Is thinking of you and the good times we had.
You fought for me when no one else could,
Refused to give up when others told you you should
You packed a whole lifetime of love in (two) years
Gave me strength to handle all of my fears
Showered me with courage-you said; "It's a loan"
While secretly hiding tears of your own.
You've done everything I needed. I couldn't ask for much more
Please love me enough to help me pass through that door.
I know you are sad and it doesn't seem fair
But the time has come to put me in God's care
Since I started the job I was sent here to do
And planted a seed now residing in you.
I'm sure I can trust you to carry my load.
Please love me enough-enough to let me go.


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Feb 19, 2012
love me enough to let go
by: Anonymous

Touching and well written!!

Sep 30, 2010
by: John

Yesterday I gave my Dearest Wife permission to leave she is dying of Pulmonary Fibrosis late stage, Folks don't want to leave their Family and it is hard to see them go. I think giving them Permission to go helps them and yourself. It has made such a difference, my Dear Wife is not so tense now and it helps break the Barrier.



John, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are so correct; often it is necessary to give your loved one permission to leave you. Somehow a sense of peace is involved.

Sep 15, 2010
by: Eoghan

I have a 6 yr old terminally ill boy and my tears are falling as I write.

Because this is what we need to do encourage him to go but don't have the strength to say it.

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