If You Will Follow My Directions

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England)

I know you miss the ones you love.
But they have not travelled far.
And if you will follow my directions.
I'll explain just where they are.

First-- interlock your fingers.
And now-- imagine your right hand.
Is the Earth upon which you live.
And the left, the Summer Land.

And where you fingers interlock,
is the Veil that lies between.
That is just how close the two Plains are.
And yet to each other, remain unseen.

That's because we live in different Worlds.
And their dimensions aren't the same.
When we cross to theirs. Or they to ours.
We are crossing onto different Plains

And though the Veil is termed "The Great Divide"
It is really just a door.
Through which we pass when going home.
Or crossing back once more.

And though our loved ones hear each word,
or thought that we send out to them.
They cannot see our Earthly Plain,
until they cross back through the Veil again.

And by that token too. The same applies.
For in that very vein.
We cannot see the Summer Land.
Or all that it contains.

But it is there in all its glory.
As our loved ones would affirm.
With all this World contains, and more!
As each of us will learn.

Halls of Rest. Great Halls of Learning,
where learned people teach.
Any craft or skill our heart desires,
is there within our reach.

Not the best just for the priveleged.
As with most things here on Earth.
For no matter what our Status here.
In God's Summer Land we are equal worth.

And we take with us our foibles.
And our sense of humour too.
And the mistakes we make whilst we are here,
are there to be reviewed.

We will not be judged or criticized.
That task is left to us.
To repent the harm we did to others.
And forgive all those who were unjust.

We came here at our own behest.
And to think we die is wrong.
We have been here many times before.
Then returned back home to where we belong.

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