by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton East Sussex England)

If you believe in God the Father.
And if you believe his son.
was crucified upon a cross,
to cleanse the sins of everyone.

If you believe each one of us,
was placed upon this Earth.
To learn the things that must be learned.
And in so doing, prove our worth.

If you believe a Guardian Angel
is watching over you.
Guiding and protecting.
In everything you do.

If you believe we leave this sphere,
to return from whence we came.
And move once more from life to life.
To join loved ones on the other Plane

Then shed no tears when loved ones leave.
For there is no cause for grief.
We are destined all, to meet again.
And the parting will be brief.

So do not doubt. But place your trust,
in all that you perceive.
For it's a far far better place we meet.
Than that from which we leave.

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