by Kathy Henry Crumpler
(Columbus, Ga)


(Written by my sister in law just a few days after my husband passed away.)

I know that we're all missing Mike since the Lord had to take him away;
I'm sure that each of our hearts ache as he enters our thoughts every day.
Mike was so many things to so many people, just as he's always been;
He was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, he was "Dandy" and uncle and friend.

But, Terri, I know for certain that he was so much more to you;
That's why I can't imagine the heartbreak you're going through.
I want so very much to ease the pain your heart must feel;
And I've tried to think of the words Mike would use to help your heart to heal.

So, as Ken and I kneel by our bed to say our prayers at night;
I talk to God, I talk to Memama and then I talk to Mike.
I ask him to let me know, somehow, the things that he might say;
If he could pick up a phone in heaven and talk to you today.

Then slowly but surely what was put in my heart became so very clear;
As if he'd been kneeling beside me each night, whispering in my ear.
To know for certain the exact words he would use, there really is no way;
All I have is this feeling in my heart that this is what Mike would say.

Terri, I want you to know how much I love you and that I always will;
And because you were the very light of my life, that love grows deeper still.
I have been amazed by your love for me and it continues to amaze me now;
It is a love I felt I didn't deserve, I'm thankful God felt me worthy somehow.

Did you know the first things that drew me to you were your beauty, your spunk and your smile?
All those things, and more about you, were what made my life worthwhile.
But in the last five years or so, when bad health made me weary and tired;
Through those painful times the strength you showed was what I most admired.

And I want you to know how very thankful I am that when my time was near;
You knew that I could fight no more and wouldn't want to linger there.
You prayed about it and made the "right call" though painful for you, I know.
When you told my doctors and my family it was time to let me go.

Now, I'm at peace in a really wonderful place; my body healthy and whole again;
I'm here with all those who went before me...some family and others my friends.
All of them greeted me with open arms and a great big smile on each face;
As for pain and suffering, sadness and tears, here you'll find not a trace.

Terri, it was because of the love we shared that many storms we were able to weather;
But all of those mountains we had to climb your strength, alone, got us over them together.
So, even if every day since I left feels like another mountain to you at the time;
"Cinch those boot straps, baby", and conquer each one as if you're born to climb.

Remember, I'm not really gone from you if you hold me in your heart each day;
So anytime you need to talk to me, I'm just a heartbeat and a prayer away.
Tell my children and Jason I love them and that they have always made me so proud;
And that I admire and respect the adults they've become; though I may never have said so out loud.
And give the grandbabies a big hug and a kiss from their "Dandy", Nana T;
I hope everyone talks to them of "Dandy" now and then, so they will remember me.

One more thing before I go and, perhaps, the most important of what I've had to say;
Tell everyone to keep family near and dear to their hearts and to help each other along the way.

And though there may be more mountains to climb in your lives, don't ever lose sight of your faith;
Because if you remember to put God before everything else, everything else will fall into place.

Now, tell the rest of my family that I love them all and not to weep because I am gone;
And, Terri, I love you and I'm always with you , so carry on, "My tough little soldier," carry on.


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Nov 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

Well done, my Angel. You got it so right. I'm sure he did tell you what to say.

Mar 16, 2012
by: Dora Okparajiego

wow that's sweet words from him.

Sep 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

What absolute wonderful words. You ooze such love.

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