I Miss You Jon.. I'll See You Again Some Day.

by Jessica

the man who is now my angel! i love you Jon!!!

the man who is now my angel! i love you Jon!!!

I lay in bed at night
thinking and knowing none of this is right
it was your time I have been told
but you were only twenty years old
so no it wasn't not at all
twenty years old is too young for that call
I just don't understand why
and I know I can't change it so I cry
when I see your gorgeous face
in a much happier place
I am happy but very sad
and at times I get very mad
you died so quickly and so fast
and even though your gone our memories will last
its worse because I didn't get to say goodbye
and I can only talk to you if I look at the sky
this feeling isn't right it just cant be
I must be dreaming so pinch me
I shall wake up soon from this awful dream
I wish I could just scream
I'm trying to find a staircase
to come visit you up in that happy place
I'll see you again some day
but this is goodbye for now so many people say
I don't like to believe them but I know its true
I just don't understand why it had to be you
since you have been gone
everything feels so wrong
seeing your lime green truck
I think to myself there has to be luck
that your still here
and some day you'll appear
soon I'll find you where ever you are
maybe your out in your car
just singing along
to every song that would come on
every where I go I feel your touch
I never knew I would miss you this much.

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Jan 11, 2011
miss you cakes!
by: Jessica

Miss you Jonny Cakes! Thank you for visiting Kels and I on Saturday! It's good to know your okay up in heaven. I hope I get my hug like you said :) <3

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