by Richard John Scarr

Last night I dreamed I went to Heaven.
And when I reached the Golden Gates.
An Angel took my arm, and murmured:
'Come inside. No need to wait.'

She led me through, and there before me,
I beheld a wondrous sight.
There stood God's House Of Many Mansions.
His Summer Land Of Love And Light.

I had never held a sky so blue.
Nor grass so lush and green.
Or flowers of such vivid hue.
Most of which, I had never seen.

And there among the other blooms.
As though in Glorious Pose.
Magnificent in it's Majesty.
Was a single Scarlet Rose.

That Rose just took my breath away.
It held a beauty so exquisite.
Then the Angel plucked a single Petal.
'A memento of your visit.'

All around me people smiled and waved.
Such a welcoming sight to see.
And some came to shake me by the hand.
As though they had been expecting me.

Then from behind two gentle hands,
were placed across my eyes.
Then came a voice I knew so well.
'Guess who, my love? Surprise! Surprise!'

I had never wanted anything
so much in all my life!
And I prayed: 'Oh God! Please let it be!'
And when I turned. There stood my darling wife!

We fell into each other's arms.
And tears of joy began to flow.
We kissed and held each other tight.
Each afraid to let the other go!

Then, from all around us others came,
who had also traveled through,
Every loved one I had ever lost!
And some, I never even knew.

Then suddenly I realized,
we were young again, and in our prime.
Exactly as we used to be.
We had traveled back in time!

We sang and danced, and hugged a lot.
But time in Heaven has no worth.
A month! A week! Or a single day!
Can be a lifetime on the Earth.

One moment she was in my arms.
And we were dancing cheek to cheek.
And then, the next thing that I knew.
I was waking from my sleep!

I lay in wretched silence.
I was old again and all alone.
It had all been just a lovely dream.
But now I was back, and on my own.

Fighting back my tears I rose,
and moved towards the door.
And as I did-- a Scarlet Petal,
fluttered gently to the floor!!!


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May 14, 2021
One of the best
by: Anonymous

This has to be one of the best Poems I have ever read. To me it says it all, we all have this to look forward to, death is not the end but the beginning of a new life in the Spirit world I only wish everyone had this knowledge.
May God Bless you Richard you were/are a lovely man and I shall never forget you. I hope you are still dancing cheek to cheek with your lovely wife. x

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