I Am Taking Your Old Chair

by Richard John Scarr
(Brighton, East Sussex, England )

My dear, I'm making changes.
Which I know you will approve.
The house in now too large for me.
So I've decided I will move.

But where ever I decide on.
I know you'll join me there.
So when I go, you'll be please to know.
I am taking your old chair.

Though it's not much to look at.
And not to everybody's taste.
I know you find it comfy.
So will go on finding pride of place.

It's the one place that I look for you.
For I know you will be there.
And although I cannot see you.
I just speak to your old chair.

And sometimes too. When I speak to you.
I swear I hear your old chair squeak!
It's as though you're trying to answer me.
Trust you to find a way to speak!

So where I go, your chair goes too!
It's as though I have a part of you.
Though dated some. And rather old.
To me it's worth far more than gold!

And if it lay within my power.
When I come to join with you.
And I could bring your old chair with me.
You could enjoy it there in Heaven too.

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