How To Write A Funeral Program

Wondering how to write and what to include in the handout funeral program?

The funeral program can be created by the funeral home or the church, however many of our visitors express surprise at how consoling it is to write the program themselves.

It becomes part of the healing process and is very therapeutic as one  searches for the ideal photograph that captures the essence of your loved one,  a favorite poem,  or a favorite Bible passage or reading.

There is no hard and fast rule of what is included in the handout.  The  following are a list of suggestions to select from to include in the funeral program.  The program typically includes:

  • Heading; such as In Loving Memory of Name of the Deceased
  • Photo(s) of the deceased
  • Date of Birth and Place of Birth
  • Date of Death and Place of Death
  • Date and Time and Place of Celebration of Life
  • Name of Person who is Officiating
  • Order of Service

For a non-religious celebration of life, the following are a list of some of the things you might like to include in the funeral program. 

If a religious ceremony, your minister will discuss with you:

  • Organ Prelude
  • Invocation
  • Bible Reading
  • Hymn Selection
  • Name of Person or Persons Giving The Eulogy
  • Name of Vocal Soloist
  • Benediction
  • Postlude Music
  • Interment location

See our Selection of Funeral Service Program Templates:

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