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Journey's End


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If You Will Follow My Directions

I know you miss the ones you love. But they have not travelled far. And if you will follow my directions. I'll explain just where they are. First-- interlock

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A Sailor For The Lord

Go down to the Sea once more, Old Sailor. For where else would an Old Jack Tar Be? But riding the waves, and tasting the brine. Out there, on God's Heavenly

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While You Sleep

You snuggle up and go to sleep. And the moment that you do. When safely into dreamland. Then your Spirit takes its leave of you. And once free to wander

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Born still (a poem for my stillborn son)

all I know is your face never got a chance 2 hear you cry or your voice never got a chance to cuddle you all I could do was hug your lifeless body..dreams

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the day you went away

My mom passed away in my arms of cancer I was only 20 this poem is for you mom miss you more than anything. The day you went away The day you went away

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Most of the Footprints in the sand...

Well said.

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Thinking of You

One brief moment Marks a decade in time One brief touch Leaves an imprint on my mind One brief glance Forever to be true Always there to pull out When

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Mom I miss you And wish you were here Now all I feel is sadness With a lil bit of fear. I'm sad knowing your voice Will never fill my house. Your smile

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She's one of a kind There is no other I'm lucky that She was my mother. But more than that She was my friend That, I didn't realize Till the end. My head

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I refuse to say goodbye

This is so very hard But I know I'll make it thru. I will forever refuse... To say goodbye to you. Your absence is just temporary For it won't be too long

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt (A Eulogy) (A eulogy for Male Sailors either retired or veteran. It is most specific to WWII and Korea. I can also adapt for those women

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A Soldier's Prayer

Lord, hear my prayer, send your angels, to guard well we soldiers positioned in your service, protect us from harm or defeat, give us guidance and wisdom

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THE VAGABOND - Funeral Poem

You can't sleep there, the policeman said, to the Vagabond who lay on the seat. And taking him roughly by the arm. He pulled him up onto his feet. Then

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AND THEY CRY TOO. Funeral poem

Losing someone whom you love. Can be a devastating thing. And those who suffer such a loss. Know what what grief and pain it brings. But if they could

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SEPTEMBER. A Funeral Poem.

And so-- Having reached my September. And I contemplate the passing of time. I hope the World is a little better for my being. And maturing like a fine

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Our story. Funeral Poem For Mother

From the second I opened my eye to see, Your adoring face looking back at me, I new for ever there was going to be, An angel looking out for me. And as

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I Will Be There With You At Christmas

Hang the fairy lights and paper chains. And decorate the tree. Leave mince pies out for Santa Claus. And my slippers out for me. And I'll be there with

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Thats Not Me

That's not me That's not me in that box I'll not be shrouded Or cushioned on silk Do not dress me in cotton Perfect

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Please-- Do not tell me you cannot help. When all that is asked is a Healing Thought. Just a heart felt wish for those in need. Nothing sold! And nothing

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