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What song do you want played at your funeral

Replies from readers as to the song the want played at their funeral

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Sprint in the sky

Sprint in the sky Closer to home

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Cupid, my beloved shih-poo boy

When I look down, it's you I miss, I close my eyes and feel your kiss. You long for me, your tears I see, But many pups, they welcomed me. Take comfort,

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Goldie was19 years old. A Golden retrieve. An amazing girl strong, sweet, loving , friendly girl!

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In Silence, I Listen

In silence, I listen. I listen in the shadow of your story…and I hear it all. The pain of your losses, and the gains, in your bond of love. In silence,

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt (A Eulogy) (A eulogy for Male Sailors either retired or veteran. It is most specific to WWII and Korea. One could adapt this poem for those

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Mother dear

My dear mother, Pauline Fall

Mother dear, Father Time has ticked or flowed, and you got older and older, He’s caught up with you now, and alas for us, he’s tapped you on the shoulder,

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When Freedom Bled

When came the moment, came the men. For they were made of special seed! And so they flocked to heed the call. Each one a man of special breed! Allied

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Last Journey

There is a train at the station With a seat reserved just for me I'm excited about its destination As I’ve heard it sets you free The trials and tribulations

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Last night I dreamed I went to Heaven. And when I reached the Golden Gates. An Angel took my arm, and murmured: 'Come inside. No need to wait.' She led

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In my prayer for you, I asked for things you would not ask yourself. I asked the Lord to bless you. And grant you long life and good health. I asked him

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A Kind Word Is All It Takes

You too can be a Healer. A kind word is all it takes. Just stop and wish somebody well. And see the difference that it makes! Tell them they are looking

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In my prayer for you, I asked for things you would not ask yourself. I asked the Lord to bless you. And grant you long life and good health. I asked him

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To all who served, and gave their all, so we'd be free today. Who bought our freedom with their lives. We owe a debt we cannot pay! They lie in situ,

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He was just my dear old Grandad. Thin on top, and wrinkle brow. But boy! When he got going. Could my Grandad spin a tale! He would tell of Wartime epics.

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My friends, may peace be with you. All religions, cultures, creeds. And may your God both, bless and guide you. And satisfy your needs. May your dreams



Holly Buds And Mistletoe. Christmas Trees in painted Barrels. Lamp Posts decked with Fairy Lights. And buskers singing Christmas Carols. Shopper crowding

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If we could see, what others see. Would our image be the same? When we look into the mirror. Would that image still remain? If we could really see ourselves,

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Tomorrow is promised to no one! Fate decides the if, where and how! Yesterday has passed into memory. So let today, be a great here and now!

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What you don't know, Can hurt someone else though

I googled how to plan a memorial service for my soul mate/common law wife of over 19 years, Stacey,about 2 months ago and this site appeared to be the

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