He Walked

by Jane Elizabeth white
(Benicia, CA)

He Walked

He walked because he had a dream
He walked because he cared
Sometimes he even ran the path
With pain, with fear, and scared

He walked because his legs could move
And took him to a place
Where people cheered and laughed and clapped
Because he’d won the race

He walked because he knew a child
That never had a chance
To leave his bed, to sit in class
To touch the floor and dance

He walked because he knew he must
He had no other choice
For with each step, each pace and tread
He gave his pain a voice

One time he walked with strength and hope
With muscles filled with pride
But time, it had another plan
His legs had lost their stride

But still he walked, with cane in hand
His breath a labored force
And with his friends on either side
He somehow walked the course

There’s many things I’ve learned from him
The lessons that I’ve kept
Life’s not about the roads we take
It’s all our little steps

And though he walks this road no more
I know that he is free
He’s running laps, and sprinting dreams
And taking steps with me

by: Jane Hughes-White
21 April 2014
For Paul Hughes (1953-2014)

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Jul 21, 2014
by: Susan

I'd love to learn more about your husband's life.

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