Funeral Poems for Wife

The depths of sorrow we cannot tell;

Of the loss of one we loved so well;

And while she lies in peaceful sleep;

Her memory we shall always keep.

We know that she is happy;

In our Saviour's home above;

Growing fairer as she lingers;

In the sunshine of His love.

Her loving face I hope to see again;

Though the days have passed away;

Sleep on, dear wife, and take thy rest;

They miss you most who loved you best.

We are sad within our memory;

Lonely are our hearts today;

For the one we loved so dearly;

Has forever been called away.

My lips cannot tell how I miss her;

My heart cannot tell what to say.

God alone knows how I miss her;

In a home that is lonesome today.

The pearly gates were opened;

A gentle voice said "Come";

And with farewells unspoken;

She gently entered home.

Gone from the earth so swiftly;

Just like a flower in bloom;

So young, so fair, so loving;

Yet called away so soon.

We'll meet her some glad morning;

Resting by waters fair;

She is waiting for our coming;

In the upper garden there.

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