Funeral Poems for Military

I often think I see his smiling face;

As he bade his last good-bye;

And he left his home forever; 

In a distant land to die. 

We mourn our brave soldier, 

who lost his life; 

Leaving father and mother, 

child and wife; 

Officers and privates 

on the battlefield fall, 

God makes no difference; death levels all. 

He heard the call of his country;

And answered it brave and true;

"I'll be a man to do or die;

I'm going to help them through."

The Great Commander has written his name;

On the roll of him who gave;

His Only Begotten Son;

And died that we might live.

He paid his debt to his country;

In the fight for right he has won;

And the King of Kings has spoken:

"Thou faithful one, well done."

Just to see your smiling face;

Or hear your "Hello, Mum";

Would make this earth a happier place.

We're so lonely since you've gone.

They are not dead but sleepeth;

Just when your life was brightest;

Just when yours were best;

You were called from this world of sorrow;

To a home of eternal rest.

They saw with a brighter vision;

The Empire through the years;

They went with songs and laughter.

We leave them there, with tears.

He is not dead who gave his life;

To make the world a better place;

The memory of noble deeds;

The passing years cannot efface.

Soldier, rest, thy warfare o'er;

Sleep the sleep that knows no breaking;

Dream of battlefields no more;

Days of danger, nights of waking.

Tranquil you lie;

Your nightly virtue proved;

Your memory hallowed;

In the land you loved.

Honoured among the nation's heroes 

lies our loved one;

Beneath a simple wooden cross, 

his crown;

And we who knew and loved him here,

can say:

A simple love, a simple trust,

a simple duty done.

He died as brave men have a chance

do die;

Fighting for God, and right, and liberty. 

(Ten) sad and lonely days have passed;

Since our great sorrow fell;

The shock that we received that day;

We still remember well.

How his life was shed we know not;

What his last word, look or thought;

Only that he did his duty-

Died as he bravely fought.

I shall remember while the night lives;

And in the darkness I shall not forget.

In life loved and honoured;

In death remembered.

Greater love hath no man than this; 

To lay down his life for his friends. 

His kindness did not cease until; 

That day of dawn (date of death) 

Now memory lingers to us; 

That are left to remember. 

You went it seems but yesterday; 

And now by crosses, row on row; 

You linger where the poppies grow;

Not dead, but just away.

Somewhere in France, in a soldier's grave;

Lies our dear son, among the brave.

He never shunned his country's call;

But gladly gave his life, his all.

He died the helpless to defend;

A faithful soldier's noble end. 

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