Planning A Funeral For A Baby

 There are three important things you need to achieve when planning a memorial service or funeral for a baby.

The fact is that no matter who you are, whether you are young or old, weak or strong, rich or poor;  planning a  funeral for a baby, or a memorial service, is one of the most difficult things you will ever do.

My experience has been that from a grieving point of view,  it is far more healing to plan a service that talks about the baby, rather than 'where the baby has gone' and 'the goodness of god'.

Let me share a secret with you.   A wise minister explained to me the following;

In times like this, parents are not comforted with phrases such as, 'god needs another flower in his garden.'  Many families are spiritual but not religious. Many do not have a minister or church affiliation.  As far as the parents are concerned, their thoughts at this time, are far more along the line,  'let god get his own darn flower.'

What the family wants and needs is a unique, personalized service.

The family needs that sacred moment when everyone gathers and remembers the baby.

By designing a service that talks about their infant and the  terrific loss of the family, the healing process begins to commence much sooner.  

And the purpose of a funeral for a baby is to release grief.  Grief that is not dealt with does not go away.  It sits there and festers. 

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
A.A. Milne

In a  funeral for a baby, it is necessary to celebrate the life and acknowledge the pain.  A properly planned funeral or memorial service for a baby gives the family the right to cry, weep and deal with grief.  

Ceremony speaks when words fail.  Ceremony has tremendous impact.  It is very powerful.

If the family can establish the significance of what has happened, they can begin to start the grieving process.

"Each new life, no matter how brief, forever changes the world."

Three Things To Achieve

  1. Establish the significance of the loss.  Talk about the pain, and how difficult it is going to be to  survive the loss.
  2. Establish the significance of the infant who died.  How although their number of days was very short,  their life changed other lives.
  3. Establish the social significance of the baby.  The family wants to know that other people loved the baby too.  That their infant's  life - although far too brief - touched people. 

Would You Like A Step by Step Guide  For Planning A Funeral or Memorial Service For A Baby?

Memorial Service For An InfantMemorial Service For An Infant

Struggling or overwhelmed in planning  a funeral or memorial service for a baby?

Would you like additional help?   One alternative is to use a funeral celebrant to create a service for them, at a cost of approximately $400.  Celebrants, which I am one, will orchestrate a wonderful service for you. 

However if you want to keep costs down or want to have more control of the service, if I could give you a an effective step by step guide would you be interested?

I invite you to purchase and download my Memorial Service For An Infant Guide, to provide you with the A-B-C formula for the entire service. 

 The price is only $27.95  US

Recently my sister-in-law was planning a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony.   She didn't know where to start.  I wrote a service,  and she then made adjustments to it, to enable her to speak it in her own words.

That's what my template will do for you.  It is a  sample of a complete service for an infant with step by step instructions.   You won't be able to use it completely word by word, as it must be personalized.  But it will lay out the steps, and provide you with lots of examples and inspiration and for what to say and do.

The service has a slight spiritual tone to it, but not religious. However if you would prefer more of a religious element, you can substitute hymns instead of songs, and bible readings instead of poems.

 Here's how easy it is.  It includes the

  • Script and instructions for the Master of Ceremonies´╗┐
  • Opening Words to commence the service. 
  •  A Lighting of Candles ceremony if you so wish.
  • Ideas for poems and songs
  • Four Eulogy examples
  •  Closing words 
  •  Ideas for Memory Takeaways
  • and  a Graveside Ceremony.

And the result?

You will be able to create a beautiful service. 

It is designed to make the planning of a memorial service for a baby as easy as possible for you.  And it provides actual examples of talking about the grief, the baby and the importance of this little life, that is so crucial for the service and to help release some of the grief.

Best of all, it is only $27.95 and available for immediate download.  Click on the link below which will take you to Paypal where you can pay with either  a Paypal account or credit card.  Your transaction is 100% secure.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Priced in U.S. dollars.

Warm regards,



Your transaction is 100% secure.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Handout For the Service:

A Unique One-of-a-Kind Child Funeral Program Template for the service.

To Learn More Click Here.

Memory Take Away Gifts For A Baby:

I have found Memory Take-Away Gifts, add a meaningful element to the funeral service for a baby. A memory take-away gift for those who attend the service has tremendous healing powers for the family, because they want their baby to be remembered.

The attendees, usually as they are leaving, are given a gift to remember the baby. It could be;

  1. flower seeds in the shape of a heart or baby feet that can be planted to remember the baby - particularly when they bloom.
  2. Bubbles - I have used these at graveside ceremonies. The baby loved bubbles and the attendees at the funeral service blow bubbles to say goodbye and watch them rise in the air.
  3. Small teddy bears that are handed out to the guests upon departure.
  4. White feathers handed out while playing song "On The Wings of a Snow White Dove"

These are a few suggestions. Use your imagination and you can come up with an idea that was meaningful to the infant. I find and dollar stores are good resources for ideas, at a reasonable price.

Here is a selection of ideas for funeral poems for a baby. Or if you prefer we can create a custom personalized poem just for you. Here is an example of one we created for a visitor to our site.

Here is a selection of music suitable for the funeral for a baby. (Please allow time for this page to load.)

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