Attention Funeral Celebrants:

In building your Celebrant practice, how can you get reliable answers to your  problems? (And how on earth do you find answers to these questions at 3:00 in the morning?)

These questions may involve something to do with the script you are composing, or technology. It may be about how to to promote your business.  Or how to deal with family members.  Or a number of other issues you are facing.

And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via the Internet. But often the answers online are unpredictable and contradictory.

What’s worse is that the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure what’s being revealed and what’s being ‘conveniently forgotten.’ Plus when you do fix things in your marketing strategy, script, website etc., there’s often no other trusted source you can turn to, to ask for an opinion.

Susan Kelly, Certified Funeral Celebrant

It’s a bit like standing outside in the rain.

When you're outside in the rain you’re on your own.  And when you’re on your own you struggle.  You struggle because there’s no one to turn to.

If you get stuck, you’ve got to work things out yourself.   You get more frustrated and often spend hours going around in circles.

How much nicer it would be to be inside, out of the rain,  surrounded by like-minded people to share your concerns and ask for help.

My name is Susan Kelly, owner of Creative Funeral Ideas,  and I am in the process of building a membership site for Celebrants.  And within it, you’ll find the warmth of other celebrants who are searching for reliable information, just like you. You’ll find resources and ideas that will help you move ahead, and progress rapidly. Instead of standing out in the cold rain, you’ll experience the satisfaction of sitting around a warm fireplace, warming your toes and getting the answers you seek in a safe environment.

In Africa there’s a saying that goes like this: “If you want to travel quickly, go alone. If you want to travel far, go with a group.”

But how do the members interact?

Since we’re on the Internet, the only real way to interact effectively is through a forum .  And it’s in this safe, private place that you can work with other members. It’s people with the right attitude who are determined to make progress and make their celebrant business better.

 Your questions will be answered by myself and the community.

We know that the smarter our group gets, the faster we’ll move ahead. And so it’s our common interest to help each other, critique each other and nudge each other to move ahead.

I am currently working on launching a Membership site for Funeral Celebrants.  If you are interested in being notified when we launch,  submit your email and we will notify you of our launch date.  

Will this membership cost $50 per month? Or $75?

The cost will be $19 per month.

There's no catch.  You will get everything as described here on this page.  If over time the price  goes up, founding members will be grandfathered and always remain at this price. 

If you would like to go on a waiting list for the launch date submit your name and email address.    Once you join the waiting list you will be notified of launch date and will be invited to join.

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