"Free Memorial Website" Reviews

There are several free Memorial Websites.

Memorial websites are a beautiful way to honor your loved one. To allow you to showcase how special and truly unique they were.

You can personalize them with eulogies, condolences, candles, photos, music and poems. These websites are a permanent way to share memories with family and friends from anywhere in the world.

Memorial websites allow you to write the life story of your loved one. You can highlight major events and experiences.

Friends and family can leave messages and prayers of love.

You can upload photos to share. Often they allow you to host a certain number of audio and video clips.

Guests can visit and light virtual candles with short notes attached . You can link generations together and explore their ancestry through a family tree.

The following are two of our favorite memorial websites.


Memory-of.com Memorial Website. It takes approximately two minutes to create the basics of the Memorial Website. After that, you can continue to add and edit content at any time.

Visitors to the Memorial Website can add content, such as tributes or candles, but you will have the sole ability to alter or remove anything that is added, as well as the ability to block anyone you don't wish to visit the website.

Memory-of.com also allows you to turn your memory site into a book.

Each Memorial Website is assigned a unique internet address which includes the deceased’s name (john-smith.memory-of.com, for example). Once you create a Memorial Website, share its address with family and friends so they can access it directly.

Creating a Memorial Website is completely free, and hosting it online is free for the first two weeks. After that time, a fee is required to keep the website online and accessible. You can choose to pay a recurring monthly fee of $4.95, a recurring yearly fee of $49.95 (which includes two free months each year), or a one-time fee of $94.95 to keep the Memorial Website active and accessible permanently. For further info

Christian Memorials Website

Christian Memorials offers a Christian forum for remembering your loved one or for the purpose of encouraging and edifying others in the Christian faith.

Private or public websites are available.

They offer a free trial memorial website. Their packages start at a one-time $25 payment. They have various packages that range from;

  • a Standard site with 5 web pages for $90
  • Complete $190 package allows 10 pages
  • $300 Deluxe package has unlimited pages, photos, video clips

They also offer free online obituaries for a simple remembrance.

Christian Memorials - uplifting tribute Websites 

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