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The following is a letter from a father to a son, who is going to present the eulogy to his grandfather.

Dear Sam;

This won't be easy Sam. It will create emotions that may seem overwhelming but they are worthy emotions. They will be felt by all those who you are reading/speaking to but these emotions will be most intense for you.

Your Grandpa would be proud of you.

Here are a few tips from your old man:

Speak slowly. Do not rush. Take your time.

Speak clearly. Practice reading aloud. The folks will want to hear you.

If your emotions well up…wait. It’s okay, just wait and then move on.

Read like you are talking to a friend.

Be yourself. Be Sam.

It may not be the most difficult speech you ever deliver, but it will be one of the most rewarding experiences.

No matter what happens, it will be okay.

If you need to cry in the middle of reading, everyone will understand. Take a moment to get it together as best as you can, then continue.

Don't be embarrassed.

Remember, giving a eulogy is speaking from your heart and that people will appreciate, admire and remember. They need you to do this.

Love Dad

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